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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

A lot of people that contact The Martin Agency ask what type of real estate are you experienced in representing people.  

Ray Martin principle of the company and resident of Easton Connecticut always has the same answer. We do not sell or buy single-family residential homes we are not what you would call a realtor. We are all business we understand finance and we know how to protect our clients money, emotions play a zero part in any recommendation we make or decision our clients conclude.

Ray Martin has experience in multi family homes, apartment buildings, mixed use buildings, retail, industrial facilities, distribution centers, storage facilities as well as high-rise luxury residential condominiums and office buildings.  One thing that is very important is that Mr. Martin not only brokers, consults, and leases these types of properties. He also owns them himself.

Unfortunately many real estate professionals don’t own any real estate at all other than their primary residence. They have never applied for a commercial mortgage, had to evict the tenant, had to modify a lease, had to Pay for a build out, or struggle through a vacancy.

So with that in mind I like to always give the same message to Real Estate Investors. That messages why would you ever take advice from someone who’s never done anything themselves. If you come across the broker who is been in the business for 30 years or more and doesn’t own any real estate himself, get away from them as quick as you can.

The Martin Agency is available for all your brokerage, consulting, and real estate management needs. Give us a call or send us an email to experience what high-performance real estate is.

Call for a Consultation +1-203-900-8975

Ray Martin

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