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Connecticut's First Real Estate Firm Fueled By Cryptocurrency.

The Ray Martin Agency has opened its real estate portfolio to buyers utilizing cryptocurrencies for the purchase of its real estate assets. Real estate commercial property , homebuyers and investors can use Ethereum and multiple other digital currencies to purchase property in Connecticut. Real estate investors looking for maximum return on their properties, landlord investors and  Institutional investors looking for large tracts of entitled land, developed lots or multifamily projects, all can utilize approved cryptocurrencies for their purchases.

Powered by Jake Martin Vice President of Crypto Development


why Purchase Real Estate with
Digital Currency



Converting a fluctuating asset into a stable long-term asset. Real Estate values are subject to less price volatility.

Faster Processing

Cryptocurrency transfers avoid many of the hurdles and paperwork associated with a traditional mortgage-funded home sale that can slow down the process.

Low Transaction Fee

Cryptocurrency users are not subject to the litany of traditional banking fees associated with fiat currencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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