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PAL Auction & Fundraiser

Shopping Center

Ray Martin of Easton, CT has always supported the Stratford Community. Where his businesses are today. The Stratford community is where his roots are, friends and family live, and where his heart is. The PAL fundraiser is so important as it gives benefits and hope to the young people in Stratford. Ray has always been a strong supporter of law enforcement and building community bonds. This is a chance to do both. We look forward to seeing you at village bistro for a night of food and fun. With no obligation or cost. Please come down and see what Stratford PAL is all about.

Come help The Martin Agency and Stratford PAL raise money for the new Stratford PAL engagement center. A place for the Stratford youth to further their education, participate in sports & recreation or just have a place to hang out.

Free Admission.

Appetizers will be served.


Mixed Use Building


Ray Martin Easton, CT

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