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Small investment syndicate funded investing.

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Private investors are branching out into smaller markets to achieve higher returns. According to more than half (55%) of the apartment properties bought and sold for more than $1 million in 2017 were located in secondary markets which is up from 42% in 2010. Also according to there are a few key benefits:

• They are less volatile in downturns, which makes them particularly attractive late in the investment cycle.

• Deals in these markets are not overvalued and offer higher returns.

•They offer stronger growth potential due to a lower cost of living and less supply.

For portfolio diversification, 10X Corp. and Ray Martin offers investment opportunities in secondary markets also. Here are a few properties recently funded by 10X Corp., below.

This first property is located Trumbull which is the Connecticut and is about an hour and twenty minutes from New York. Trumbull  is known for its live sense of community, shopping and restaurants, natural beauty/outdoor adventures and the great balance of small town feel to big metropolis.

Loan Size: $303,000

Purchase Price: $295,000

LTV: 72%

LTC: 84%

Average renovation budget: $67,200

ARV: 68% or $466,000

The second property is in Stratford, Connecticut. Completed by Ray Martin.  From Forest to shore it is full of amenities like museums and parks, well maintained beaches, and  conscious   elected officials but also a very friendly feel. featuring I-95 Interest, The Merritt Parkway, Route 8, Metro North train station and an airport, surrounded by distinctive neighborhoods and suburban communities.

• Loan Size: $117,000

• Residential- Rehab and flip existing home, sub-diving the lot & creating 3 additional duplex lots

• Purchase Price: $158,000

• LTV: 74%

• LTC: 76%

• Renovation budget , including subdivision engineering $84,000

• ARV: 61% or ,$394,000

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Ray Martin

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