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What’s the Best Type of HOA Management for my Community?

Living in a residential area that is governed by a homeowners association has been shown to confer many benefits on the resident population – such as activities for minors, fostering a greater sense of community, raising property values and much more. The dues are often quite reasonable, and the governing board is open to all adult members of the community. As part of the board, you would have a say in matters ranging from the financial, to project implementation and beyond.

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With that said, many times it can be difficult for members to fulfill some of the obligations of an HOA, because of both the time involved and the level of financial detail in some of the more robust communities. This is where the Ray Martin Agency comes in, using the combined decades of expertise of its members to make sure your community management stays in top shape when it comes to financial and bookkeeping matters.


What We Do

The Ray Martin Agency provides remote accounting services for both management companies and associations. Whether you’re a board member considering self-management or prefer to outsource your association’s accounting responsibilities, The Ray Martin Agency specializes in serving the association industry. We provide a number of different services including:

  • Assessment collections via check, lockbox, credit card, and automatic draft (ACH)

  • Paying vendor invoices & association bills via check and Electronic Payment Processing

  • Reconciling bank statements

  • HOA budget preparation

  • Processing 1099 forms for vendors

  • Managing payroll

  • Collections from start to finish, including coordination with legal representation if necessary

  • Assisting with tax return & audit preparation

  • Providing accurate monthly financial reports

  • Providing clients with direct, transparent access to real-time financial information

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How We Do It


We use our custom software solution that is made specifically for the association management industry. We give our clients access to our proprietary technology that allows them to access their information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to their financial information, our clients are able to use specialized tools in our software to assist with essential management functions including:

  • Homeowner Management Information System

  • Maintenance management and work order tracking

  • Code enforcement and violation tracking system

  • Collections & delinquency management

  • Letter preparation & citation processing

  • Communication logs with both owners and vendors

  • Integrated websites with Board of Director & homeowner access

Types of Home Owner Managment






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When it comes to Commercial Real Estate, Raymond is an absolute professional who knows the CT area well and is extremely accommodating. He was on time, well prepared, and responsive to our requests.

- Gary and Jenna M. 

I called Ray Martin on a Sunday morning and to my shock he answered! He was outstanding and very knowledgeable. Within 24 hours of our conversation we were looking for my ideal Commercial Real Estate location.

- Susan Padin

I was so impressed with Ray's consulting I hired him as my Commercial Real Estate broker and boy am I glad I did. He found me the perfect property and guided me every step of the way. Thanks Ray!

- James Cardona

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